Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Before you continue reading this blog...

There are some things you need to know about me...

First of all I am not an organized person. My house would be piles if it were not for my husband. Organization makes him happy. I would probably be a borderline hoarder because I generally go by the motto " I might be able to use that later." I like to pretend I am organized but in reality I am not!

I love food. I mean love it! I crave things like no one I know. While I was pregnant I wanted to eat everything tangy and spicy! I love Mexican food and soup! I am thankful I have some amazing cooks in my family and married into a a family where they know how to cook as well.

At one time I thought my career was what defined me. However, I am learning that there are so many more important things in life. I don't mean that my career is not important but there are things that might need me more than that!

I love my family. My family is everything to me. This includes my close friends too because they are key in my life. I also miss my family terribly because we live about 13 hours from them.

If possible I would live my life in sweatpants and flip flops. I would say barefoot but you generally need something on your feet to get around in this world today. If we had a yard I would never have shoes on. I have even been known to wear flip flops in the snow...

My hobbies include: scrap booking, crafting, photography, writing, reading, traveling, cooking, baking, and just being generally creative... I wish I had more space to do all this. My dream home includes a room which I can do all this stuff in. This is a room where Dan is not allowed to organize and I can just shut the door!

I don't wear makeup 99% of the time. Very rarely I put on some mascara but I don't even like to put lotion on my face...

I suffer from anxiety. Imperfections and scratches make me panic. This is something I have been dealing with my whole life. It drives Dan crazy and I try to control it but it has been a bumpy road... I will get into this more later.

I hate math and have never been good at it. I can't spell to save my life. School in general was never my thing. I took the bare minimum in high school. I some how figured out how to get my masters degree. I like to learn but I can't sit still so school was tough!

I am sure there is probably more you need to know about me but this is a start...

This is me... like it or leave it... I don't care!