Thursday, September 9, 2010

So much has changed...

I have not written in this thing for so long. I did not forget about it, I was just doing other things!

During the middle of June I had to return to work for a couple of weeks. I was originally supposed to be out for the rest of the year but because Cam arrived early I had to go back after being out 60 days.

After that we all traveled to Chicago. Dan stayed a couple of weeks and then flew home. Camryn and I stayed the entire month, we traveled around to friends and family, to WI and MI while there.We enjoyed our time at home but we were ready to come back! However, after coming back we ended up flying to CA (Cam's first flight)and stayed at Disney. We also drove to Las Vegas to meet one set of grandparents, we got a date night out of it too. Well I should say a baby free night since they kept her over night in their room. Bliss!

Here are some pictures from the past few months...

We were lucky to have a couple of weeks at home before I had to return to work. I am learning how to be a working mom. Thank god I have my husband who is a HUGE help with everything. He is fortunate enough to work from home one or two days during the week. Camryn gets to stay with him. The most she is in daycare during a given week is 3.5 days. Dan cleans up the house and cooks, can it get better than that. He is a blessing since my job can make for some late nights.

So much for my 3 lb baby. At 5ish months she is around 15lbs! She is huge comepared to where she started.

I have some thoughts I want to share about how her birth has impacted the mom I am now...good and bad... I will leave that for another day.


  1. I love you, mama, and you know I'm here if you EVER need to talk. Big hugs to you. Love the pictures! She is so beautiful! And LOVE all the natural light you're using!!!!

  2. I love all the pictures of Cam!